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ICEFA 2012 Prize Awards – Ukraine, Lviv

19. 11. 2012

On 15 October 2012, two events took place in Lviv to commemorate the Lidice tragedy. First, the most successful participants of the International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice from Western Ukraine received their prizes at the Consulate General of the Czech Republic, then the museum "Tjurma na Lonskoho" opened a three-part-exhibition: the panel exhibitions "Lidice Children Coming Back" and "Český Malín - Lidice of Volhynian Czechs", accompanied with a selection of the entries sent in to the exhibition from Western Ukraine.

Four awarded girls from Lviv and Zolochiv received their certificates and small keepsakes from the hands of Consul General D. Pavlita and Head of the Lidice Gallery Ivona Kasalická, who got many thanks from the present art teachers not only for organizing the competition but also for the extraordinary feedback provided by the ICEFA organizers to all participants, even to the non-winning ones. At this occasion, I. Kasalická admitted that apart from a high quality of their works the participants need a piece of luck to assert themselves among the huge number of 26,000 competing entries. For this occasion, the ceremonial room of the Consulate General was decorated by pictures by important illustrators of children's books, mainly by Jiří Trnka, who the 40th edition of the competition was dedicated to. At the end of the ceremonial event the children watched an animated fairytale film.

In the early evening of the same day, the museum - memorial of the victims of occupying regimes – “Tjurma na Lonskoho” opened an exhibition combined of three parts, the common denominator of which is “Lidice”. The part “Lidice Children Coming Back” commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Lidice tragedy; “Český Malín - Lidice of Volhynian Czechs” makes a symbolic link between the suffering of the Czech and the Ukrainian people. Having a merrier spirit, the collection of selected non-winning entries of this year’s ICEFA proves possible to keep the memory of a tragic event in a positive way. The opening ceremony with appearances by Consul General D. Pavlita, the deputy director of Tjurma Museum, the historian Ihor Derevjanyj and Head of the Lidice Gallery I. Kasalická was concluded with a speech and a prayer by the Zolochiv dean Mykhaylo - a Greek Catholic priest and the father of two of the awarded children.

There were primarily students of Czech studies and compatriots among the attendance, nevertheless, the museum is well frequented - it has as many as several dozens of school groups in a week. Through the exhibition, these students will be able to discover the Czech but also the Ukrainian history. The newspaper journalists present at the opening quoted in their articles some passages from the opening speeches (although they usually content themselves with copying a press release) whose main motto was that we should not forget the painful history but at the same time we need forgiveness and reconciliation as a sound basis for better future.

Martina Pavlitová Muchová

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