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ICEFA 2011, 2012 Prize Awards - Kazakhstan, Astana

28. 11. 2012

On 17 November 2012, the State Museum of Modern Arts in Astana had a prize-giving ceremony of the 39th and 40th International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2011 and Lidice 2012 where 42 (forty-two) certificates and 7 (seven) medals were awarded.

The certificate and medal awards enjoyed much interest from children, parents and teachers, who travelled thousands of kilometers to receive their prizes. The official part of the event was opened by Ambassador Bedřich Kopecký He presented children with certificates, medals and some keepsakes. The children brought their own works and put them on display The visitors of the exhibition watched a short film about the past and present of the Lidice Memorial. There were some refreshments prepared.

The whole event was covered by national and local mass media - TV channels and press agencies.
In expressing its appreciation, a specialized school from Petropavlovsk (in the north of Kazakhstan) gave the Embassy at Astana a picture and a picture book consisting of children¨s artworks. Speaking with Ambassador, the head teacher of Arts expressed his wish to co-operate with the organizers of the competition in the Czech Republic on setting up an exhibition of awarded children's entries in his town.

The Kazakh party appreciates and supports the participation of children in the international competition to enhance their artistic abilities.

Thus continuing the long tradition of the International Exhibition of Fine Arts, the Embassy in Astana intend to carry on promoting the participation of Kazakhstan in ICEFA Lidice.

Observing the requirements of the head of the Lidice Gallery, we send the CD with photos by post.

Ing. Peťa Bačová

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