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ICEFA 2012 Prize Awards - Ukraine, Kiiv

6. 12. 2012

On 15 November 2012 the Czech Embassy in Kiev witnessed Ambassador Ivan Počuch present ceremonially prizes to the Ukrainian children whose artworks were awarded in the 40 International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2012. The winners are pupils of art schools in Odessa, Sumy, Nizhyn and Kamianets-Podilskyi.

Having been presented with the certificates and keepsakes (the Czech Centre in Kiev gave the young artists the book The Fortunes of the Good Soldier Svejk in Ukrainian language, the Embassy added a gift bag with a promotional CD on the Czech Republic and the promotional and informational materials sent by you), the children along with their teachers and parents watched a documentary on quiet spots of the historical Prague and then the children drew pictures of their native towns for the Kiev Embassy. The pictures will grace the premises of the Embassy.

Zdeňka Caisová

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