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ICEFA Lidice 2012 Prize Awards - Cuba, Havana

12. 12. 2013

On 9 December 2013, Ambassador J. Zajíc made a business trip to Quemado de Güines, Villa Clara province, to present a honourable mention to an entrant of the 40th International Children Exhibition of Fine Arts (ICEFA) Lidice, Juan Rafael Soto.

The trip was delayed as the Cuban ministry of foreign affairs did not respond to a request of the Embassy in Havana to arrange a visit to the local art school Casa de la Cultura Luis Jorge León, which had sent in artworks by their pupils to the exhibition. In the end, the Embassy in Havana itself managed to arrange the visit directly with the school management.

As the school building was under renovation at that time, the prize-giving ceremony took place in the house where J. Soto lives and his mother runs courses in visual arts. Taking place in a very nice, informal atmosphere, the act was attedended by circa twenty people from among teachers and relatives.

Mentioning the history of Lidice in his speech, J. Zajíc thanked the winner, his parents and teachers for the participation in the competition, stressing that it is thanks to them that the victims of the Lidice tragedy will never be forgotten. Apologizing for the delay in presenting the certificate, he expressed his delight that after a long time the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Cuba could present the certificate directly as usual in any other country of the world. Then he gave J. Soto the certificate along with some keepsakes and promotion materials on the Czech Republic. He congratulated also another 8-year-old participant, a girl from the same school. whose artwork had been awarded in the Lidice 2013 exhibition, while observing that her certificate would be probably delivered to her via the Cuban embassy in Prague. In conclusion, J. Zajíc invited for participating in the 42nd ICEFA Lidice 2014, which is dedicated to the theme "Family farming, or our garden and field"

Ing.Jaroslav Zajíc, M. A.

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