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From among the anniversaries of worldwide significance in 2012 the Czech Republic has put forward to the UNESCO the 100th birth anniversary of Jiri Trnka (1912 – 1969), a world-famous painter, printmaker, puppeteer, sculptor and illustrator as well as a founder of Czech animated film. In tribute to him, the 40th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts features the following themes:


  • What I have seen in the puppet theatre, my favourite play, my theatre experience
  • My favourite puppet, how puppets look in my country
  • Fine art components of the theatre – the wings, the curtain, the make-ups and the costumes
  • Who works in the theatre – actors, stage directors, musicians, artists
  • The auditorium, the audience and the atmosphere of the theatre
  • My favourite animated film, a draft poster for a film

For older children:

  • The history of theatre from the ancient times to the present
  • Famous theatres at home and abroad

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