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Edition 42

Dear friends,

At suggestion of the Czech Commission for UNESCO, this edition was dedicated to the theme "Family Farming, or Our Garden and Field", which turned out to be so interesting for children and teachers from all over the world that there were a record number of participants this year - we received 27,868 entries from 77 countries. The entries dealt with the sub-themes in many interesting variations, the children drew inspiration from animal husbandry, growing of crops as well as decorative plants and medicinal herbs, their treatment and preservation; there were also pictures of various pests, and agricultural machines and implements were rendered in many varied ways. The most popular subjects included farmers and farmwives, husbandmen and husbandwomen, farms, homesteads, and also tractors, fields, meadows and orchards; the judges peeked in stables and cowsheds, got acquainted with the life in the yard and pastureland, saw innumerable herds and flocks of domestic animals from the biggest to the tiniest. All works clearly showed that children know and love nature and animals, consider nature important and are happy to return to it even in today's technological time.

Invitation ICEFA Lidice 2014

The panel of judges had an opportunity to select from collections sent in by many schools in different countries; the quality of such collections attested to the fact that there was a big potential in the theme, waiting only for a teacher to develop it when leading their pupils. The theme was developed in a variety of mediums and materials - among the assessed planar works were paintings and drawings, also unique prints were seen by the panel in various printmaking media (linocut, drypoint, etching, blind pressing), less numerous were entries in computer graphics. As apart from previous years, more interesting photographs were sent in, some of which had outstanding artistic and technical characteristics. The panel of judges appreciated great imagination in spatial entries, creators of which used various materials - paper, clay, wire, glass, and textile, often showing their creativity in combining these.

In spite of variedness in approach, the panel of judges had to state that many entries lacked the characteristics accenting cultural differences of individual countries, although, as has become a tradition, countries of all continents were represented in the competition. This must be a result of globalization that permeates all spheres of life, but to some extent, also of a bit superficial approach to the theme on the part of some art teachers. Existing differences between schools show how important the work of art teachers is. The teacher who is able to support the talented, and above all, interested child in the process of art work by helping them to find a suitable subject, by recommending them that they look beyond what is obvious, by offering them a wide variety of media, such teacher is an asset in developing the child's approach to artistic creation.

Also this year some indisputably fine works of art had to be excluded as they did not meet the conditions of the competition, nevertheless, there were less of such entries as against past years. The most common problems included incomplete information on the creator of the entry, a copy being sent in instead of the original, exceeding the maximum dimensions, unnecessary and unsuitable makings-up (works on canvases, framed works or mounted on colour papers), diversions from the theme.

Summary on the entries

Out of the total of 27,868 entries from 77 countries and 1,907 institutions, 1,516 were awarded a prize by the panel of judges and 200 received medals.

Summary on foreign entries

Out of 20,136 foreign entries from 75 countries (except Czechia and Slovakia) from 1,441 organizations, 622 won prizes including 79 medals (51 medals to individuals and 26 medals to schools for their collections). The most of them received children from China and Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Russia and Ukraine.

t is gratifying that this year's edition saw more participating countries, some of them for the first time (e.g. Cambodia, East Timor, Kosovo, Laos, and Malta. Myanmar, Nigeria, Oman), and more schools and children from certain countries (e.g. Montenegro, Iran, Turkey), which attests to good co-operation with and support from Czech embassies, and not only in these countries.

Tempera and acrylic paintings and various types of pastel drawings prevailed in the foreign entries, supplemented by works in less common and more difficult media (aquatint, etching and precisely made drypoint) as well as aquarelle paintings and detailed pencil drawings, which were welcomed and warmly appreciated. On the other hand, as to the approach to the theme, those works should be praised that reflect the aspiration of children to depict in an interesting way some specifics of agricultural activities in their countries, as it was the case with works from Singapore, Srí Lanka and Armenia. As in previous years, outstanding results in the field of photography were achieved by Croatia, but a significant improvement in the depth of the message and the work with light and technique was seen in the collections of photographs from Russia and Ukraine and other countries, some of which had sent their entries to the exhibition for the first time. As has become a tradition, first-class spatial works were presented by Latvia.

Summary on Czech and Slovak entries

Czech children sent in 5,193 entries from 344 organizations this year and received 687 prizes including 88 medals (66 medals to individuals and 28 medals to schools for their collections).

There were more Czech schools participating in this year's edition than it was last year. Also this year, planar works by children from primary art schools (Blatná, Háj ve Slezsku, Hradec nad Moravicí, Humpolec, private school Jeseník, Kolín, Kroměříž, Most – Moskevská street, Mšeno, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Olomouc, Opava -Solná street, Písek, Plzeň – Jagellonská and T. Brzkové streets, Praha 3 – Štítného street, Praha 5 – Štefánikova street, Prostějov and Strakonice) were a great success, primarily thanks to systematic and professional work of teachers. All the more, however, the panel of judges appreciated the skilful work of teachers in primary schools (Červené Pečky, Opava – Šrámkova street, Sedmikráska Rožnov pod Radhoštěm), special schools (Practical Primary School Brno – Vídeňská street, Centrum Arpida České Budějovice, Centre of Social Services Horizont Protivín, Domov Raspenava) and children and youth centres (DDM Český Krumlov, Art Workshop Paletka Plzeň).

Much to delight of the panel of judges, photographs from Czech schools returned to the competition; works from Primary School Řevnice surprised again by their professional look. As to spatial works, the panel of judges was pleased with the collection of 3D entries from PAS Prostějov, a set of domestic animals of ceramics from PS Červené Pečky, collections of ceramics from PAS Postoloprty and PAS Kolín, mixed media entries from PAS Strakonice, glass flowers from PAS Mšeno and glass relievos from PAS Litvínov.

Having sent in 2,539 entries from 123 organizations this year, Slovak schools received 209 prizes including 23 medals (15 medals to individuals and 8 medals to schools for their collections). Among the Slovak schools the most successful were J. Cikker PAS Banská Bystrica, PAS Holíč, PAS Kežmarok, PAS Košice Kováčska, PAS Martin, PAS Skalica, PAS Spišská Belá, Private PAS and K. Pádivý PAS Trenčín.

From among the Czech schools, the Prize of the Panel of Judges, awarded to schools for their persistent, purposeful and excellent work, was given to Vladimír Ambros Primary Art School Prostějov, which presented itself with a rich and interesting collection of spatial and planar works. The Prize of the Panel of Judges for foreign schools was awarded to Photostudio MIG at Municipal Palace for Children and Youth Creativity in Doneck, Ukraine, for their unparalleled collection of photographs. It should be noted that both schools have been sending in their excellent works regularly for many years and have been receiving prizes for them.

The 42nd edition will culminate with the exhibition of all awarded entries, which will open in the presence of many ambassadors as well as political and cultural figures of the Czech Republic at the Lidice Gallery in Lidice on 28 May 2014. Invitation to the opening ceremony was extended to representatives of the schools awarded with the Prize of the Panel of Judges.

The exhibition will take place in Lidice from 29 May till 31 October 2014. After that, PAS Most will follow as a venue as well as other locations in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Finally, we would like to thank all children who created so many works, putting in them their imagination and skill. It was not possible to award all the works, nevertheless, we believe that pleasure of creation is more important than the prize itself. Our thanks go to all teachers who worked with children, developing their visual sensitivity, teaching them new artistic media, providing organizational assistance to them so that their works could arrive safe and in time in the Lidice Memorial to be assessed by the panel of judges in stiff competition of this year's edition.

Ivona Kasalická – Head of the Lidice Gallery and Curator of ICEFA Lidice
May 2014

RULES for the 42nd International Children´s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2014

Taking into account the new Constitution of the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice of 1 November 2012 in force and its provisions regarding the organization of the exhibition, in order to ensure and achieve the aims contained in the Constitution as the fundamental document on the organization of the relevant project, the Organizer issues the following rules:

  1. The announcing date of the 42nd ICEFA Lidice 2014 is May 2013.
  2. The closing date for acceptance of entries is 28 February 2014 (date on the postmark). ATTENTION: Entries much be delivered physically to Lidice by 15 March 2014.and participant has to make sure, that postal service is able to deliver the consignment by that date.
  3. The Organizer is entitled, if needed, to reimburse the travel expenses related to the ceremonial awards of the 42nd ICEFA Lidice 2014 competition at the Lidice Gallery to a selected Czech a foreign child winners and their accompanying persons awarded by Price of the Panel of Judges ICEFA 2014 as follows:

    • Reimbursement of travel expenses under 500 km: by train, by bus, by car or by public transport,
    • Reimbursement of travel expenses over 500 km: by train, by bus, by car, by public transport or by air from the international airport nearest to the place of residence of the winner to Prague and back.

    The members of the ICEFA expert panel of judges, the laureates from the remote parts of the Czech Republic who are invited to the prize-giving event and a selected Czech and foreign child winners invited to the ICEFA ceremonial opening and accompanying persons are provided with accommodation in the Lidice Gallery at cost price during their stay in Lidice. The judges, the selected Czech and foreign winners and accompanying persons shall get their meals and the accompanying cultural programme (admission fees to cultural monuments, cultural program) partly covered.

  4. The date of the session of the expert panel of judges: 1st round: 27 - 29 March 2014, 2nd round: 3 - 4 April 2014.
  5. The date of announcement of the results of the 42nd ICEFA 2014 at the ICEFA website of the exhibition 9 May 2014 at the latest.
  6. The date of the ceremonial opening of the exhibition and the competition prize awards to the Czech laureates and the selected foreign participant: 28 May 2014.
  7. The term of the main exhibition at the Lidice Gallery: 29 May – 31 October 2014.
  8. The date of the de-installation of ICEFA Lidice 2014: 1 November 2014

These rules come into effect on 2 January 2014.
At Lidice on 13 December 2014

JUDr. Milouš Červencl
Director of the Lidice Memorial

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