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Prize awards

Giving prizes to Czech and Slovak children

Medals were presented to 57 prize-winning children from Czech schools at the ceremonial opening of the exhibition in the garden of the Lidice Gallery on 31 May 2016. A medal went also to a girl from the Art School Gagarinova, Trenčín (Slovakia) and a boy from the studio Prikazen Svjat, Sofia (Bulgaria).

The same day saw crystal palettes given to the winners of the highest awards – the Prize of the ICEFA 2016 Panel of Judges for Czech entrants was presented to three pupils and Headmaster Pavel Sumec from the Private Primary School Sedmikráska in Rožnov pod Radhošťem. The Prize of the ICEFA 2016 Panel of Judges for foreign entrants went to two medallists and the teacher Padma Bommareddy from the school Young Envoys International, Hyderabad, India.

The opening witnessed other certificates and prizes for child winners from Czech organisations go to representatives of their respective schools (if present at the opening ceremony), still other ones were sent to Czech schools by post on 13 June 2016. The same day saw letters of thanks sent out to the Czech schools that have not been awarded. We entreat all the schools that have received an award to ensure prompt presentation of the certificates to the winners and then send a photo of the presentation event to the curator.

On 11 June 2016, the prizes for Slovak children were sent to the Czech Centre and the Czech Embassy in Bratislava, which arranged for the presentation of the prizes in Bratislava on 16 June 2016 or, as the case may be, sent certificates by post.

Presentation of prizes to foreign entrants

The prizes for foreign entrants as well as the letters of thanks for the non-awarded schools were handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in Prague in August 2016 to be distributed to the representative offices in the respective countries – to the nearby ones in regular deliveries by car, to the remote ones by air, as per the schedule of diplomatic cargoes (September - December 2016).

The way the prizes are subsequently presented to the winners in the respective countries depends on the established practice and circumstances of individual embassies (or as the case may be, Czech Centres). In most cases, the award-winning children are invited to a ceremony at the embassy, with some refreshments and a cultural programme, to receive their prizes from the ambassador of the Czech Republic in person. In other cases, the ambassador or a representative of the embassy of the Czech Republic abroad visits the prize-winning schools. If the location of a school is too far from the capital, the embassy sends the prize by post.

If you would like to know when a prize-giving ceremony will take place, you may refer to the embassy of the Czech Republic in your country by email (in September 2016 at the earliest).

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