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ICEFA 2018 Prize Awards - United States of America, Mexico

24. 1. 2019

On 17 December 2018, the conservatory of the Embassy in Mexico hosted the certificate-giving ceremony of the International Children’s Exhibition of fine arts Lidice 2018. Besides the three child winners also their large families and their teachers were present, in total almost 20 people.

Having welcomed the guests, a representative of the Embassy, L. Hrúz, extended his thanks to children for their efforts and their teachers for motivating children to participate in the competition. Then he gave the floor to Chairwoman of T. G. Masaryk Association Edna Gómez, who has visited Lidice several times and has become a freewoman of Lidice. Edna introduced the guests to the historical contest of the obliteration of Lidice and recounted her personal experiences from meeting the survivors. She also explained the importance of international exhibitions of children’s drawings and described the system of selection from the entries. A short film showed entries on display at the Lidice Gallery.

Then the medals and certificates were presented to the children, along with sets of coloured pencils and Czech chocolates. The ceremony concluded with modest refreshments.

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