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ICEFA 2020 Prize Awards – Austria, Wien

24. 11. 2020

Three students of a real gymnasium in Vienna received certificates of the 48th International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2020 on the theme "Landscape".

Austria has been represented at the exhibition for several years now thanks to the regular participation of the Bilinguales Realgymnasium Komensky (the Bilingual Real Gymnasium of the school society Komensky) in Vienna. This year the students of the school sent in a record 78 entries. They worked under the guidance of the teachers Roman Frühauf (photography), Milena Andrejs (arts and art history), Lucie Innocenti and Šárka Ahmed Saleh Ibrahim.

In the face of stiff competition of this year's exhibition, three students of the school received honourable mentions for their entries, Marie-Anna Mahdalová and Karolína Rovná in photography and Vojtěch Hofman in printmaking. They officially received their certificates from the headmistress of the real gymnasium Helena Huber.

Our congratulations go to the laureates with thanks for this year's high participation! We look forward to your entries in the next edition – on the theme "Robot and artificial Intelligence".

Photo: Bilinguales Realgymnasium Komensky

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