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Every year, the exhibition bears a unique theme chosen by the Lidice Memorial in cooperation with the UNESCO. In 2022, it will be the 50th anniversary of the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Czech Republic will also become the meeting place of world's museum professionals during the ICOM General Conference in Prague.

The 50th ICEFA Lidice will be dedicated to the theme:


In museums, people can learn about the world's diversity and shared history.

Your artworks can be inspired by:

Various collections that are collected, conserved, studied and exhibited in museums. All kinds of things can be found among them: minerals, dinosaur skeletons or even technical inventions, but in museums, we can also learn about intangible heritage. Another inspiration can be galleries and museums of art with famous artworks. Museums are often beautiful buildings, but sometimes they don't even need a roof – all over the world, open air museums show traditions of ancestors to people and the beauty of the landscape that they grew in. Botanical and zoological gardens are also special kinds of museums.

Museum is like a living organism with its own structure: many people take part in its daily life. Scientists and historians, security guards, archivists, custodians… and of course visitors.

And if there is no museum close to you, perhaps you have your own collections of personal treasures.

What would the museum of your dreams be like? 

What would you like to show to future generations or to a person from a far away country? 

What would happen if museum exhibits suddenly became alive? 

What would a museum of your life or your family look like? 

We are looking forward to your artworks.

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