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Registered entries - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Here you can find when we registered the artworks from you as a school, organization or individual for the 49th ICEFA 2021.

Please check whether the data (name of the school, address) are correct. If not, contact us at

Please, do not send us any questions about whether your consignment has been delivered. Wait until it is registered on this site. The registration of all delivered artworks takes several weeks, from the 2nd week of January up till the commencement of the 1st session of the panel of judges.


School2D Art WorksPhotographsFilm3D Art WorksTotalDate
Organization UDAS, Banja Luka, Sime Miljuša 2, Zip Code 78 000 6 0 0 0 6 24. 2. 2021
Primary school Mahala, Sanski Most, Hamzibegova bb, Zip Code 79 260 2 0 0 0 2 31. 3. 2021


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