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5. 9. - 28. 11. 2018 Russia, Moscow, Palace of the Pioneers

5. 9. - 28. 11. 2018 Russia, Moscow, Palace of the Pioneers

3. 12. 2018

On 8 November 2018, the Pioneers Palace had an opening ceremony of the 46th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidce. At the ceremony, the winners were given certificates, medals and gifts. The prize-giving ceremony was organized by the Czech Centre in Moscow under the leadership of Director Hana Skládalová and with the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation. 
The certificates were presented by Ambassador Petr Kroužek and the curator of the exhibition at the Lidice Memorial Lenka Zmeková.

There were awarded at the prize-giving ceremony children from various cities of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Shatsk and Omsk.  This year, 113 pictures arrived to Moscow, out of which 57 had been created in other countries. Prizes were taken over in person by winners from the school no. 1955 in Moscow: Murashko Gordey and Sofia Osipova received medals. A medal for their school for a collection of paintings went to: Paponov Jan, Kiseleva Sofja, Kuleshova Marina, Pachomova Sofia, Shikinova Valeria.

A honourable mention went to Filippova Sofia from the school no. 966 in Moscow. A medal went also to Senyakina Jevgenia from the Children’s Studio of Fine Arts in Saratov. A medal for a collection of photographs went to: Rudneva Julia, Kozlova Olga, Yegorova Tatiana, Churubrova Polina, Nekrasova Darya, Romanova Polina, representing the Cultural Leisure Association Shatskij, Shatsk, Tula region. Honourable mentions went to Ajbulatov Iskander and Chadyjev Salavat, representing the Centre of Children’s Work – Photo-School in Kazan.

After the presentation of the awards, the participants and guests could familiarize with the Czech Republic, listen to Czech folk songs sung by Eliška Mlatečková, taste Czech sweets and listen to a presentation about the Czech Republic.

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