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Cross-sectional Catalogue

Cross-sectional Catalogue
International Children Exhibition of Fine Art Lidice 1967-2009

Presenting one of the world’s biggest and oldest international children’s exhibition of fine art, this extraordinary publication pays homage to all organizers and other involved parties which, for all the time, have been taking the exhibition under their wings. You can find there more than 150 winning entries by children from the Czech Republic and from 44 foreign countries, accompanied with the history and the time schedule of the exhibition as well as confessions of curators and the chairman of the expert panel of judges. Moreover, the book contains the catalogue list of all editions, including the posters and information on the numbers of participants, the venues of the main exhibitions as well as the individual exhibitions abroad. The text is in English and Czech.

The book was published with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic on the occasion of the Czech EU Presidency.

International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 1967 - 2009

  • Text: Lidice Memorial – Milouš Červencl, Ivona Kasalická; Josef Zedník, Ĺubica Riedlbauchová
  • Translation: Hana Staňková
  • Illustrations: Josef Zedník
  • Concept and selection of illustrations: Milena Burgrová, Josef Zedník
  • Graphic design: Milena Burgrová, Zuzana Burgrová
  • Issued by: Lidice Memorial, Tokajická 152, 273 54 Lidice in 2009.
  • Printed by: Vega publisher
  • Number of pages: 100. Number of copies: 1,000. First edition.

Průřezový katalog

The book may be received at the reception desks of the Lidice Memorial Museum and the Lidice Gallery or through a COD order placed with the:

Lidice Memorial,
Lidice Gallery,
Tokajická 152,
273 54 Lidice

or by e-mail at:, phone no. +420 312 253 063.

Price: CZK 290 + post and packing fees.


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