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The world organisation UNESCO suggested to dedicate the 36th edition to topics related to:

1. Potatoes

  • Potato as a Plant and a Flower
  • The Tools Used for Potato Growing and Harvesting
  • Potato Dishes
  • Potato Fields
  • Potato Recipes
  • Things Made from Potatoes
  • Cultivars, Shapes and Colours of Potatoes
  • Works Related to Growing and Harvesting of Potatoes

2. World languages

  • How Nations and Ethnic Groups make themselves understood
  • The More Languages You Know the More You Are a Human Being
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Can Animals Distinguish Various World Languages?
  • The Same Language May Sound Different in Different Countries It Is Spoken
  • Various Nations and Ethnic Groups in My Country Speak Different Languages
  • My Favourite Foreign Language and Why I Like It

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