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ICEFA 2012 Prize Awards - Lithuania, Vilnius

29. 1. 2013

On 15 January 2013, the Museum of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Film held an opening of the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts (ICEFA) Lidice 2012 and a prize-giving ceremony to recognize Lithuanian winners of the international competition associated with the exhibition. The 40th edition of the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice was very successful for Lithuanian participants: they received 5 medals and 17 honourable mentions.

The ceremony was opened by Director of the Museum of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Film Regina Lopiene, who expressed her appreciation for the beautiful children’s exhibition the theme of which, “THE THEATRE – THE PUPPET – THE FAIRYTALE” (marking the 100th anniversary of Jiří Trnka), seamlessly fitted into the character of the museum. Ambassador Radek Pech welcomed heartily all the winners, their parents, their teachers, members of the Vilnius diplomatic corps and other visitors of the exhibition. He briefly mentioned the background of the art competition and its history as well as the long and successful tradition of Lithuanian participation. He pointed out the uniqueness of the opportunity to see the selection of awarded entries from all over the world. Then a short concert by pupils of the Trakai Art School followed, consisting of pieces by J. S. Bach, R. Schumann, S.Yradier and P.-M. Dubois.

What the children enjoyed most, however, was their prizes. Young prize-winners from the Trakai Art School, the Lithuanian Educational Centre for the Visually Impaired, the Art School of Panevežys, the Vilnius “Minits” Grammar School, the Art School of Elektrenai, the “Vaivorykšte” Grammar School in Gargždai, the Art School of Jonava, the Jonava preschool “Žilvitis” and the Viekšniai preschool “Liepaite” received their medals, certificates and gifts from the hands of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Lithuania, who thanked them for their participation in the international competition and wished them every success in their future. With the prizes given out, the attenders could have some refreshment and view more thoroughly the whole exhibition, which comprises about 100 drawings, paintings and spatial objects.

The jubilee ICEFA Lidice was met with a relatively great deal of media attention including the Lithuanian TV. The exhibition will move over to Minsk, Belarus, in February.

The Embassy in Vilnius sends their heartfelt thanks to the Lidice Memorial, Head of the Lidice Gallery and Curator of the exhibition Mgr. Ivona Kasalická and the Embassies in Riga and Minsk for excellent co-operation in preparation and organization of the exhibition. We are looking forward to this year’s 41st International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2013.

Mgr. Laura Vancevičiene

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