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ICEFA 2012 Prize Awards - China, Hong Kong

29. 1. 2013

On 20 January 2013, Consul General Jaroslav Kantůrek along with Secretary for Education of Hong Kong Eddie Ng Hak-kim, Curator of the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts (ICEFA) Lidice and Head of the Lidice Gallery Ivona Kasalická and Chairman of the ICEFA Lidice 2012 Expert Panel of Judges Josef Zedník presented 15 “Rose of Lidice” medals and 32 honourable mentions to the pupils of 12 Hong Kong art schools whose artworks on the theme “the theatre – the puppet – the fairytale” commemorating the 100th anniversary of Jiří Trnka had won an award in the 40th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts (ICEFA) Lidice 2012.

Exceptionally, the prize-giving ceremony took place as late as January so that the jubilee event could also be attended by Mrs. Kasalická and Mr. Zedník who acted as members of the expert panel of judges in the International Children Painting Competition in Hong Kong 2012 (organized by Promotion of Young Artists Foundation established by the art school Simply Art). As the number of awarded children in ICEFA Lidice in Hong Kong is growing year by year, the Consulate General was no longer able to accommodate the prize-giving ceremony. Therefore, in co-operation with Simply Art, we arranged the event in the shopping centre East Point City, which made possible to have 200 guests. Apart from the child winners, their parents and their teachers also media people (with the Český Rozhlas reporter in Asia Kateřina Procházková among them) were present. The visitors of the shopping centre were able to view the exhibition of awarded entries, with a large-screen display showing a documentary on ICEFA as well as other promotional films about the Czech Republic.

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