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Edition 48

RULES for the 48th International Children´s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2020

Taking into account the Constitution of the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice of 16 October 2019 in force and its provisions regarding the organization of the exhibition, in order to ensure and achieve the aims contained in the Constitution as the fundamental document on the organization of the relevant project, the Organizer issues the following rules:

1. The announcing date of the 48th ICEFA Lidice 2020 is 28 May 2020.
2. The closing date for acceptance of entries is 14 February 2020 (date on the postmark). ATTENTION: Entries much be delivered physically to Lidice by 1 March 2020 and participant has to make sure, that postal service is able to deliver the consignment by that date. Delivery in person is possible by Feb 14th, 2020 (please call or send an email first).
3. The Organizer is entitled to reimburse the travel expenses related to the ceremonial awards of the 48th ICEFA Lidice 2020 competition at the Lidice Gallery to a foreign award-winning candidate (ICEFA Lidice Panel of Judges Prize 2020 for abroad) and an accompanying adult as follows:
• Reimbursement of travel expenses under 500 km: by train, by bus, by car or by public transport,
• Reimbursement of travel expenses over 500 km: by train, by bus, by car, by public transport or by air from the international airport nearest to the place of residence of the winner to Prague and back.
The medallists and their escorts from remote parts of Czechia who are invited to the opening ceremony and the prize awards shall be provided with accommodation in the Lidice Gallery at reduced cost price.
During their stay at Lidice, the selected foreign and Czech winners awarded with the Prize of the Panel of Judges and their escorts shall be provided with free accommodation in the Lidice Gallery, meal allowance and complimentary tickets to cultural monuments.
During their work in the first and the second rounds of the assessment process, the foreign and local members of the ICEFA panel of judges shall be provided with accommodation in the Lidice Gallery at reduced cost price, the foreign members of the panel shall receive meal allowance and all of them shall be treated to a modest cultural programme.
4. The date of the session of the expert panel of judges, 1st round: 12 - 14 March 2020, 2nd round: 19 – 21 March 2020.
5. The date of announcement of the results of the 48th ICEFA 2020 at the ICEFA website of the exhibition May 2020 at the latest.
6. The date of the ceremonial opening of the exhibition and the competition prize awards to the Czech laureates and the selected foreign participant: 28 May 2020.
7. The term of the main exhibition at the Lidice Gallery: 29 May – 29 November 2020.
8. The date of the de-installation of 48. ICEFA Lidice 2020: 30 November – 2 December 2020.


These rules come into effect on 26 November 2019.
At Lidice on 26 November 2019

Martina Lehmannová, Director of the Lidice Memorial

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