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The UN General Assembly declared 2020 International Year of Plant Health. Healthy plants are important for all life on the Earth, for the proper functioning of ecosystems and for food safety. Plant pests and diseases damage crops, decreasing availability of food and increasing the cost of food production. Helping to maintain sound environment, forests and biodiversity and overcome climatic changes, healthy plants support the fight against famine, poverty and malnutrition. Plants, big and small, belong to the landscape just as the landscape belongs to man from time immemorial. The 48th ICEFA Lidice features the following theme:



  • Life of plants and trees
  • Diversity and forms of landscapes
  • Landscape and home
  • Landscape affected by human activity
  • Spirit of landscape – its mood, fragrance, sounds 
  • Architecture and landscape
  • Animals in the landscape
  • Horizons

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