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Invitation for Children to participate in the 50th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Art Lidice 2022

Forms for Schools

Application form, list of participants

Work identification label

Registration form Film/Animation


Forms for Individual participants

Application form

Work identification label


Registration form Film/Animation



Invitation to participate in the 50th ICEFA Lidice 2022

Dear children, dear teachers,

we would like to cordially invite you to participate in the 50th International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2022. The competition and subsequent exhibition is one of the largest in the world, bringing together thousands of children from all over the world every year.


Every year, the exhibition bears a unique theme chosen by the Lidice Memorial in cooperation with the UNESCO. In 2022, it will be the 50th anniversary of the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Czech Republic will also become the meeting place of world's museum professionals during the ICOM General Conference in Prague.

The 50th ICEFA Lidice will be dedicated to the theme:


In museums, people can learn about the world's diversity and shared history.

Your artworks can be inspired by:

Various collections that are collected, conserved, studied and exhibited in museums. All kinds of things can be found among them: minerals, dinosaur skeletons or even technical inventions, but in museums, we can also learn about intangible heritage. Another inspiration can be galleries and museums of art with famous artworks. Museums are often beautiful buildings, but sometimes they don't even need a roof – all over the world, open air museums show traditions of ancestors to people and the beauty of the landscape that they grew in. Botanical and zoological gardens are also special kinds of museums.

Museum is like a living organism with its own structure: many people take part in its daily life. Scientists and historians, security guards, archivists, custodians… and of course visitors.

And if there is no museum close to you, perhaps you have your own collections of personal treasures.

What would the museum of your dreams be like? 

What would you like to show to future generations or to a person from a far away country? 

What would happen if museum exhibits suddenly became alive? 

What would a museum of your life or your family look like? 

We are looking forward to your artworks.


  • February 11, 2022
    Closing date for the registration and the last acceptable date on the postmark on the consignment of entries

  • March 17 - 19 and March 24 - 26, 2022
    Session of the exhibition jury (2 rounds)

  • May 15, 2022 (at the latest)
    Results of the exhibition published at

  • June 2, 2022
    Vernissage and awards ceremony, Lidice Gallery

  • June 2, 2022 – February 2, 2023
    Exhibition of the award-winning entries at the Lidice Gallery

  • Sep – Dec 2022 
    Prizes, catalogues and invitations to participate in the next edition for foreign participants dispatched to Czech embassies who hand over the prizes to winners in person or by post

Competition and exhibition 

The entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges in two rounds. Artworks that receive an award will be exhibited on the annual exhibition at the Lidice Gallery from June 2022 and awarded 2D artworks subsequently archived. Smaller exhibitions from the entries will follow in the Czech Republic and abroad.


  • Prize of the Panel of Judges for a foreign school 
  • Prize of the Panel of Judges for a school in the Czech Republic
  • “Rose of Lidice” Medal – for an individual
  • Medal for a school for its collection of entries
  • Medal for a collective work of children
  • Honourable mentions

Instructions for participation

closing date: February 11, 2022

Send the artworks labelled according to the instructions below together with the application form to the address:

50th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2022

The Lidice Memorial, Lidice Gallery

Tokajická 152

273 54 Lidice

Czech Republic

In case of sending the artwork from a far away country, add the contact email: and contact number: +420 736 642 318 to the address. If value needs to be stated, value the whole individual package at 10 USD/EUR (the organizer cannot pay any fees or taxes in case a higher value is stated and the package will be returned.)

The closing date is the last possible day of sending the package with artworks (the last possible date on the postmark). The work must physically arrive at the Lidice Gallery by the end of February. You can check the registration of incoming artworks on the exhibition’s website during February and March 2022.
The organizer reserves the right to use the submitted works for other non-commercial exhibitions, charitable events and for their reproduction in press. Submitted works are not returned, but upon a prior arrangement it is possible to pick up unawarded artworks at the Lidice Gallery in person.


  • Drawing, painting
  • Printmaking
  • Mixed media
  • Photography
  • Film/animation
  • Art objects (ceramics, metal, wood, glass, textile, paper etc.)


The exhibition is open only to children at the age of 4 to 16, both as individuals and as representatives of schools and art clubs. People with disabilities can enter the exhibition at any age (please indicate “disability”, the type of disability and the age of the participant).

  • The maximum format for a 2D entry is 70 × 50 cm.
  • The maximum format for a 3D entry is 100 × 70 × 40 cm, max. weight 10 kg.
  • A maximum of two entries of the same technique (painting and drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, film/animation, art objects) by one artist is acceptable. One artist can participate with entries in multiple techniques.
  • Use spray fixative for entries created in paints that can be dusted or wiped off. 

  • Only photos on good-quality paper are acceptable.

  • Films - short films and animations up to 3 minutes in length. For further specifications (eligibility criteria, the process of making films, registration of a film) see below. 
  • Only original artworks are acceptable. Copies, xerox copies or electronic copies will not be eligible for assessment.
  • Only such entries will be eligible for assessment that stick to the theme set for the edition. Larger entries, entries in passe-partout, mounted on colour or other papers and entries lacking a proper label will be excluded.
  • The maximum weight of a consignment containing competing works must not exceed 10 kg.
  • We ask teachers to make a pre-selection of entries to be sent in to the exhibition in order to create as good a school collection as possible.


Please, fill in the label READABLY, in BLOCK ROMAN LETTERS (preferably on a PC). Works with illegible or incomplete labels will be excluded from the competition.


To register your participation, please, fill in the APPLICATION FORM - available for download at this webpage in the box in the upper right corner. The filled-in application and the name list of participants are to be sent together with the entries.

LABELLING OF ARTWORKS (except the film category)

Every competing artwork needs to be labelled, please, use the attached WORK IDENTIFICATION LABEL (available for download at this webpage in the box in the upper right corner). Each work must have the following information on the back side (works of ceramics and the like should bear the label directly on them, it is also possible to tie the label to 3D artworks with a string):

  • Name and surname of the child (give them in the following order: 1 name, 2 surname)
  • Age and child’s gender
  • Title of the work
  • Technique of the work
  • Name and full address of the school or organization responsible for sending the work (name of the school, street, postcode, city, country). Information on the awards will be sent to this address.
  • E-mail address of the organization to be used for communication on the exhibition – please, indicate the website of the school, the current e-mail address of the school or organization and an e-mail address of the art teacher(s) responsible for sending in the works so that they can be informed about the competition.
  • If a child participate as an individual, indicate their name, age, gender and home address, including an e-mail for communication (of a parent of theirs).

By participating in the competition, the participants or their guardians are expressing their consent with processing of personal information necessary for the competition and the exhibition. See more at 


We accept films as independently created pieces of art by an individual or by a group of individuals, under the guidance of a teacher or even with their direct assistance. A maximum of two films by the same author is eligible for the contest. Entries in this medium are subject to the same rules as other entries (age of the child, closing date, theme etc.)

Filmmaking techniques
  • Animated film, stop motion technique – drawn animation, cut-out animation, puppet animation etc., computer animation – 2D and 3D animation
  • Documentary, live-action film, video clip, other audio-visual work – e.g. combined work with animated element prevailing, video art, video collage etc.
Specifications of the film

Use the following format:

  • container: MP4 or mov
  • format: MPEG-4, H264
  • resolution: FullHd 1080p (1920x1080), or HDready – 720p (1280x720)
  • audio bitrate: 128 kbps
  • footage: max 3 min.
  • Make a short intro to the film (5 second) in a field of black, containing the title. The film ending should be made along the same lines – the title (5 seconds) in a field of black, containing the name of the author, your school or your school's logo etc.
  • In case of a spoken word or a text box film must be subtitled – subtitles always in English. It is required for all films (i.e. Czech and Slovak schools as well).
  • Music or audio track in the movie must be used in accordance with copyrights.
Instructions for entering the competition in the film category
  • Create a film complying with the specifications given above.
  • Upload it to your Youtube channel (if you don't have any, create it).
  • The entry (even in slightly reduced quality) should be uploaded to your Youtube channel with the following caption: your name and age, film title, name and address of your school, name of the teacher (if directly involved in the creation of the film), a brief annotation (film description).
  • Registering the film for the competition: Fill out the Registration Form for Films/Animation (available for download at this webpage in the box in the upper right corner) and send it to the e-mail address: Do not forget to fill in Subject – FILM 50th MDVV Lidice 2022 + name of school or individual name and REGISTRATION FORM for a FILM!  Without the word FILM the registration will not be completed. In the Registration Form, fill in the address of the Film on Youtube. Registering the film for the competition is possible ONLY by e-mail, do not send it printed!
  • If your entry wins a prize, you will be asked to send in a full quality copy of the film.

Warning: If the film does not comply with the rules and requirements given above it will be disqualified. The film entries are accepted for the contest only through online applications with a link to a Youtube channel. Entries sent in in other forms (DVD, USB etc.) will not be accepted for the competition.


We thank the following authors for the motifs on the invitation to the 50th ICEFA Lidice: from the Czech Republic: Sofia Dittmannová, 11 years, Barbora Holečková, 14 years, Zuzana Lišťanská, 10 years, Veronika Růžičková, 12 years, from Hungary: Natasa Angyal, 10 years, Levente Szodrai, 12 years and from the Slovak Republic: Antónia Vidová, 14 years, Nina Ondrušková, 8 years, Tereza Medveďová, 9 years.

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