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ICEFA Lidice 2022 Prize Awards – Slovenia

30. 1. 2024

Traditionally, representatives of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ljubljana personally visited Slovenian schools that participated in the International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice this year. The embassy staff presented the awards from the 50th edition of the exhibition on the theme "Museum".

Slovenia is one of traditional participants of the LIDICE exhibition, and Slovenian works of art tend to be very positively appraised by the jury. More than 14,527 works from children from 77 countries were sent to the competition in 2022. Slovenian children were awarded a total of 6 medals and 27 honourable mentions. Thanks to this, Slovenian schools are among the most successful of the 50th edition. Out of 52 Slovenian schools that applied for the jubilee edition of the art exhibition, 14 schools won awards.

In Ljubljana and its vicinity, honourable mentions were awarded to students of Gradec Elementary School in Jevnica and Roje Elementary School in Domžale. In the capital, the Vič Elementary School received an honourable mention. The International Graphics Center received a medal for a collective work made as part of a children's animation workshop on the theme of Adriena Šimotová's exhibition.

In Maribor, pupils from the Franc Rozman Stanet and Janko Padežnik Elementary Schools, the Gustav Šilih Center and the Tezno Kindergarten received honourable mentions. In the Primorska region, honourable mentions went to the Primary School in Ajdovščina. Dutovlje Elementary School pupil Taj Kosmač, now a secondary school student in Ajdovščina, who has already been awarded several times in ICEFA Lidice for his photographs, received the Lidice Rose medal.

Two honourable mentions also went to the Slovenian town of Velenje, to the Livada Elementary School. In the Pomurje region, which is thanks to the outstanding art teacher Matej Gider traditionally one of the most successful Slovenian regions in the Lidice art exhibition, embassy staff presented three Lidice Rose medals to the Elementary School in Rogašovci, three honourable mentions and one medal to the school in Sveti Juriji ob Ščavnici. Pupils from Kuzma Elementary School received two honourable mentions.

Embassy representatives enjoyed a cordial welcome at all schools. On the occasion of the award ceremony, the students also organized accompanying programs in which they could also show their musical and dancing talents. The laureates received small gifts with motifs of the Czech Republic and Czech culture, such as plush toys of the well-known animated character Krteček, coloring books, crayons, pexeso and models of Škoda cars, which were provided by representatives of the car manufacturer in Slovenia.

Source and photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ljubljana

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