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The 52nd ICEFA Lidice will be dedicated to the theme:


  • The word "caravan" evokes thoughts of travel, adventure, freedom, or independence. It can also remind us of the nomadic life of people who move from place to place and live in constant contact with nature. In a broader sense, it can symbolize a community, sharing experiences, traveling without borders, and freedom of movement.
  • Camels, llamas, and alpacas represent a key source of livelihood for millions of families, especially for shepherds living in dry and mountainous areas around the world. Camelids are irreplaceable players in the global ecosystem, and their contribution needs to be duly appreciated and their protection supported.
  • In the past, people transported goods in various ways. Traveling was slow and demanding, especially when the goods needed to be transported over long distances. Today, we use trucks, trains, ships, and planes that are much faster and more efficient. Thanks to them, we can transport large quantities of goods over great distances in a short time.
  • The post office serves to deliver parcels, letters, packages, or newspapers. In the past, when there were no phones or the internet, the post office was the main way people communicated over long distances.
  • Communication reminds us of the interaction and exchange of views among people. It also points to the significant role of modern technologies that allow us to communicate regardless of distance today.

All these sub-themes are interconnected and highlight the importance of delivering messages, communication among people, and traveling as a way of discovering the world.

How can we communicate?

How did people send messages in the past, and how do they do it today?

How were parcels transported in the past, how are they transported today, and how do you think they will be delivered in the future?

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